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[Feature request] Allow data/pivot to be exported in plain HTML and processed by the callbackHandler() function

Projet TCD asked on January 14, 2019
  •  Current behavior:
  • Desired behavior:
    • export() when used with ‘html’ parameter can accept three different values in the “destinationType” parameter (“file”, “server” and “plain“).
    • In “plain” mode, no action is done (download on the client or upload to the server), instead the processing is left to the callbackHandler() function (similarly to the “Export to PDF” API:!pdf
      • Output {data: result} is the same, with “result” being the HTML generated (as a string)
    • Other API parameters are not changed.
  • Request explanation:
    • We cannot easily control the look of the page with print() and we cannot manipulate the HTML (beyond header and footer) with export(), without requiring a server-side script.
    • This new feature would allow easier manipulation of the HTML (with JS/jQuery) directly in the browser since the result could be inserted in the page, a pop-up, etc…
    • The user could have the printing done in a single step (e.g. through a popup) without having to download the file (in browser or from server).
  • Roadmap expectation:
    • Feb. 2019 release

2 answers

Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster January 15, 2019

Thank you for writing.
Your request sounds reasonable and we are ready to implement it as a part of our minor release update ETA Feb11.

Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster January 30, 2019

We are glad to inform you that this feature is already available.
Please have a look at the following demo:
You are welcome to check the feature.

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