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Jesus Jose Jurado asked on May 21, 2018

Hi I have a problem when filter a report and used the input search to filter I need conserve the input value when i reopen the pop up. now the value disappear when I close and open the pop up filter.


3 answers

Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster May 23, 2018

Hello, Jesus Jose,
Thank you for writing to us.
Currently, the input value in search filter is not conserved.
However, we provide a rich variety of API calls which allow implementing any expected behavior on your own. For example, check out getFilter() and setFilter() API calls.
Please let me know in case of other questions.

Jesus Jose Jurado May 24, 2018

Hi again, so can I filter columns with regular expression? for example all columns the contains the word ‘a’

Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster May 24, 2018

Hi, Jesus Jose!
Unfortunately, regular expressions are not supported in the current version.

This question is now closed