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Filtering on hierarchy is broken in 2.316

Lukas Navratil asked on May 24, 2017

Hi team,

I have found an issue with filtering in latest 2.316 version, in previous version 2.315 it was working fine. You should be able to reproduce it easily on AdventureWorks database which I used in previous bug report here. This issue does not depend if accelerator is used or not.

Please load report from attached file. When you open the filtering on Date.Calendar field and you try to expand any item – e.g. CY 2006 – the underlying items are loaded twice. As a result it also breaks collapsing and expanding of these items, when you click e.g. on the first H1 CY 2006 it expands the second one etc. Also when you try to apply the filter it can break the whole component, in console you can see “Maximum call stack size exceeded”.

Screenshot and json with report object attached. BTW, I’m never sure in this forum that the attachments are uploaded successfully, now I can see just the screenshot and not the report. If it wasn’t uploaded, you can find the report.json here

Kind regards
Lukas Navratil


2 answers

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster May 25, 2017

Hello Lukas,
Thank you for the detailed description of the issue. We have managed to reproduce it with the Accelerator. The fix will be ready within minor release 2.318 (ETA Jun 19).
Your JSON with report object was not uploaded to our forum due to some restrictions we had. From now on, it is possible to attach report files as well. Thank you for pointing that out.

Lukas Navratil June 7, 2017

Hello Tanya,
When I was re-testing another issue with new version 2.317 I noticed that this issue is fixed as well, at least I can’t reproduce it with the original report where I had problems before. Marking this ticket as resolved…

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