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Flex monster is showing wrong values with filter… Why?

Cedric Gaines asked on March 26, 2020

Hello, I’m a customer with FM and have a support contract as well.  I guess this is the method to submit tickets for the paid support???
My issue is as follows.  Ive attached a report to this ticket you can use.
If you would, go the the following URL:
This is our test site…
You will see 3 tabs, the default is the “Person Data”  use that tab to load the local report I have attached to this ticket.
Should get a report full of ‘AGES’  … This is a numeric field.
Now apply a filter to age, and say … Greater than 60  ( I would suspect that it would return ages greater than 60)
But instead, the data comes back with … ages (7,8,9 then greater than 60)
Why?  This is a numeric field, so why do I get ages 7,8,9???
You have to Select “Labels”  ( because Values seems to only apply to the Person measure).  Is that normal as well?
Why does the initial dialog box in the first tab, show up nice and centered, but the other 2 tabs, that initial dialog box shows up not centered and in random places on the app?
Please advise also.

Please help?


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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster March 27, 2020

Hello, Cedric,
Thank you for reaching out to us and for providing additional details.
We would like to explain that the provided URL is not found on our end.
However, in the attached report configuration we see that the Age field is a hierarchy.
In the case of Microsoft Analysis Services data source, numeric fields can only be measures.
This is the reason why in your case the Age field values are interpreted as strings.
Please consider configuring the Age field as a measure in your Cube instead of a hierarchy.
Afterward, the filters will be applied as expected. 
Regarding the method to submit tickets, you are welcome to contact us for help via the Forum and via Email (in case of sensitive information).
Please feel free to write to us in case any questions arise.

Kind regards,

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