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Flexmonster accelerator with tomcat/Wildfly

MC asked on November 22, 2019

I’m trying to integrate flexmonster accelerator with tomcat/wildfly, following the process described here:
I have deployed the demo as standalone war and tried to access it from my WebApp. I have a problem already at handshaking: 

com.owlike.genson.JsonBindingException: Could not deserialize to property 'componentVersion' of class class com.flexmonster.proxy.vo.args.HandshakingArgs
at com.owlike.genson.reflect.PropertyMutator.couldNotDeserialize(
at com.owlike.genson.reflect.PropertyMutator.deserialize(
at com.owlike.genson.reflect.BeanDescriptor.deserialize(
at com.owlike.genson.reflect.BeanDescriptor.deserialize(
at com.owlike.genson.convert.BeanViewConverter.deserialize(
at com.owlike.genson.convert.NullConverter$NullConverterWrapper.deserialize(
at com.owlike.genson.Genson.deserialize(
... 53 more
Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: multiple points

The json string sent to the server is


(so, different from that of the link).

Thx for any help.

1 answer

Ian Sadovy Flexmonster November 22, 2019

Hello MC,
Thank you for the details.
It seems that you need to update flexmonster-proxy-core.jar (you can download it from our site with Mondrian package). It’s because in the previous version of JAR, componentVersion is expected to be a number, and in the latest version, it is a string.
Please let us know if it resolves the issue.

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