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Renier Lewis asked on January 24, 2023

Hi team
We are running into issues with data sets that is too large for local browsers to open.
Is flexmonster Data Server free / part of our existing subscription?
Many thanks

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Solomiia Andrusiv Solomiia Andrusiv Flexmonster 7 days ago

Hello, Renier!
Thank you for contacting us.
Kindly note that the Data Server and other data source types are available for all the license models. 
We also want to mention that when using Flexmonster Data Server, all the data is saved into the RAM of the machine where it is installed.
You can find the Data Server starting guide by the link: https://www.flexmonster.com/doc/getting-started-with-data-server/.
Hope you will find our answer helpful.
Feel free to contact us if any further questions arise.

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