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flexmonster for SSAS Save option with specific selections and filter.

Gopal asked on September 18, 2019

We have configured flexmonster for SSAS for our orgalization, however, we need to know if we can save the reports in that. e.g. when we open Cube in excel, we can open that in multiple tabs with specific selections & filters which are required, and most importantly we can save it – so that when we close the excel and reopen in future, we do not have to prepare a report from start. This particular functionality we are looking for. Is there any way in FlexMonster we can store report state? or different reports with our selections and filter?

1 answer

Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster September 19, 2019

Hello Gopal,
Thank you for the question.
We would like to confirm that Flexmonster report state can be saved and restored in JSON format.
Here is the getting started article for your reference: https://www.flexmonster.com/doc/configuring-report/
Also, it is possible to save and restore the report both via UI (Save and Load buttons in the Toolbar) and JavaScript API (see getReport() and setReport() methods).
Please let us know if it works for you.

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