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Serban Vasile asked on July 10, 2019

When running inside an IFrame (Chromium browsers, IE not allowing full screen), trying to do full screen fails with the following error (found in the console dev mode). Lates version, 2.7.9 (build 07/01/2019 11:00:18) 
flexmonster.full.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:493 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: fullscreen error
at f.MS3G.f.enterFullscreen (flexmonster.full.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:493)
at f.MS3G.f.toggleFullscreen (flexmonster.full.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:490)
at f.MS3G.f.fullscreenHandler (flexmonster.full.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:432)
at HTMLAnchorElement.__zone_symbol__ON_PROPERTYclick (flexmonster.full.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:502)
at HTMLAnchorElement.F (zone.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:1332)
at t.invokeTask (zone.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:423)
at Object.onInvokeTask (core.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:17280)
at t.invokeTask (zone.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:422)
at e.runTask (zone.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:195)
at e.invokeTask [as invoke] (zone.js.pre-build-optimizer.js:498)

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Vera Didenko Flexmonster 6 days ago

Thank you for writing to us.
Our team has not managed to reproduce this issue on our side. 
We have tried using the 2.7.9 version of Flexmonster in an iframe in Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium browsers.
Could you please provide more details on how to reproduce the issue so we may help you solve this problem?
Any sensitive information can be provided via email.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,

Serban Vasile 22 hours ago

I don’t know how to help you get the exact context of the error.
See the attached screenshot I got when I enabled caught exceptions pause in the debugger.
If you guide me on what to look for, I can go deeper in the debugging for you.


Serban Vasile 22 hours ago

See how the screen looks like. The same error happens when trying to revert the full screen from this place back by clicking the full screen button again.


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