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Handshaking failed (working only on localhost)

MC asked on November 20, 2019

Hi, I have a trial license and I try to evaluate flexmonster with the accelerator. Everything is working fine if I connect from my WebApp on the same machine where Wildfly and the flexmonster accelerator are running. If I try to connect from another workstation I get the error
flexmonster.js:9 OPTIONS http://localhost:50006/FlexmonsterProxy/Handshaking net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
any hint?

1 answer

Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster November 20, 2019

Thank you for your question.
Our team has noticed that you are trying to access the host of another machine through the local address that is not accessible (http://localhost:50006).
We kindly recommend connecting using a local network, making that connection accessible for the second machine in advance. URL or IP-address, which would specify the explicit path is required in your case.
We hope it helps,
Kind Regards,

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