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Hiding Measure Columns

Jason Lewis asked on June 7, 2021

I am working on a pivot with alot of categories in columns. There are also several measured values, like Net Quantity, Gross Quantity, Price, etc. This makes the pivot complicated to review for the users. For some of the measures, like Net Quantity and Gross Quantity, they do not need to see the details for each column, just the grand total. Is there a way to hide the detail columns for a measure but show the grand total?

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster June 8, 2021

Hello, Jason, 
Thank you for reaching out to us.
Answering your question, there are several ways to visualize the measures’ total and hide detail columns:
For example, if you are using a compact/classic layout with several fields in the "columns" and "values" sections, you could collapse any expanded fields to view only the totals. Also, it is possible to hide additional subtotal columns when a field is expanded or even view only the measures with their grand totals. Please see the following JSFiddle example for illustration:
In addition, you could move "[Measures]" to "rows" for a more compact visualization (see example).
Please let us know if this is what you are looking for.
If your case is different, could you please provide more details on which visualization you would like to achieve? Which detail columns of measures would you like to hide?
For example, you could modify the following JSFiddle and/or provide screenshots/illustrations of the desired result.
Looking forward to your reply.
Kind regards,

Jason Lewis June 8, 2021

None of you examples fit what I am looking for. I am using the classic layout. In your example I would like to include all of the grand totals but exclude some of the item totals. I am trying to replicate a users spreadsheet layout in our application.
Two screenshots are attached. Screenshot_1 has the layout as it currently exists. Screenshot_2 is what I would like to see, having all of the Grand Totals displayed but only certain subtotals for each item. In this case I do not what to see Sum of Price, Sum of Quantity or Count of Size for any of the colors but I do need to see the Total Sum of Price, Total Sum of Quantity and Total Count of Size. The area in black in Screenshot_2 I want to hide but show all of the other columns that are displayed.

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster June 10, 2021

Hello, Jason,
Thank you for providing further details.
Currently, it is not possible to show the detail columns for only some measures yet show the grand totals for all measures simultaneously in one report.
However, hiding the grand totals for all measures (for rows, columns, or both) is possible. With this in mind, we would suggest using two separate visualizations:

  1. The first one displaying specific measure details without the grand total columns.
  2. The second one showing only the grand totals of all measures.

Also, it is possible to make the grand total visualization read-only and synced with the first one.
We have prepared a simple JSFiddle example for illustration purposes.
We hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if other questions arise.
Kind regards,

Jason Lewis June 10, 2021

Thanks for the update. If possible adding the functionality to hide detail columns for measures while including the total in a future release would be helpful.

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