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How is security handled?

Cristiane_S asked on October 12, 2015

How is security handled, we ideally want to be able to filter a dimensions members so that only those the current user has permission for are shown. We don`t want to do this security at the cube level, so would like to be able to filter progmatically based on own criteria.

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Antonina Krus Flexmonster October 12, 2015

Considering your requirements I can say that some of our clients follow as best practice in such cases the proxy script on the server to work with permissions and credentials. If you think it might be relevant to your situation and you need some extended information on that matter, please let us know.

Yuvaraja January 24, 2017

Thanks a lot. We would like to know more details of proxy script on protecting flexmonster ssas proxy url. Could you please share those details.

daniil January 24, 2017

Hi Yuvaraja, 
Thank you for a question. Here you can find more information linked to our documentation. Those are steps of making a connection to your Microsoft Analysis Services OLAP cube more secure with a help of our server-side proxy (Accelerator tool): 
a. Configuring a secure connection with username/password protection
b. Setting up a secure HTTPS connection 
Please let me know if this information works for you. 
Kind regards, 

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