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how to create CV

Patrick LAMOTTE asked on June 19, 2018

I am trying to add standard deviation and coefficient of variation in values but can’t make it work, could you explain how to do it ?
I’d liked as weel get distinct count of analysis, but again don’t understand how to do it
What is param_value in the list ?
Attached are 2 screenshots which show our values list
Thank you


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Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster June 20, 2018

Hello, Patrick,
Thank you for writing to us!
Standard Deviation can be added in two ways:
1) As an aggregation function applied to your value. Let’s say you have value named Price as on the following JSFiddle: Please check the video showing how to apply Standard Deviation aggregation:
2) As a calculated value. Here is a video demonstration:
Coefficient of Variation can be added by creating a calculated value as on the video:
Standard Deviation and Coefficient of Variation can also be specified directly in the report. Please check lines 25-42 of the following example:
Regarding Distinct Count, it can be added just the same way as Standard Deviation.
Please inform me whether you have configured these aggregations successfully.

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