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How to define months or seasons order via API?

George Fong asked on January 4, 2016

I’m using javascript api to create my report,how can i define months or seasons order via API?


1 answer

Roman Petrusha Flexmonster January 4, 2016


Please find working sample here:
Your JSON data should be like this
var jsonData = [
“Color”:{“type”: “string”},
“M”:{“type”: “month”, “dimensionUniqueName”: “Days”, “dimensionCaption”: “Days”, “caption”:”Month”},
“W”:{“type”: “weekday”, “dimensionUniqueName”: “Days”, “dimensionCaption”: “Days”, “caption”:”Week Day”},
“country”:{“type”:”level”, “hierarchy”: “Geography”, “level”:”Country”},
“state”:{“type”:”level”, “hierarchy”: “Geography”, “level”:”State”, “parent”: “Country”},
“city”:{“type”:”level”, “hierarchy”: “Geography”, “parent”: “State”},
“Quantity”:{“type”: “number”}
“country” : “Canada”,
“state” : “Ontario”,
“city” : “Toronto”,

Does it help?

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