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How to disable remove column and row

Jaffrezic asked on April 20, 2018

How in pivot flexmonster disable the remove column or row

4 answers

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster April 20, 2018

Hello, Jaffrezic,
Thank you for writing to us!
You can remove columns or rows via the Field List. This tool can be accessed by clicking the diagonal arrow in the upper right corner of the component or from the Toolbar.
Here you can organize the hierarchies. Please check this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUtODcaW80M
Let me know in case of other questions.

Jaffrezic April 20, 2018

Hi Tanya,
Thank you for your reply but I think there is a misunderstanding between my question and your answer.
In fact, the goal is to not allow the user to drag&drop the cell filter outside of the grid and remove it. (i.e attached screenshot – square surrounded in red).
The final use for us is to provide to the user a pre-filled grid with all needed information in read-only mode.
Could you please tell me if there is a fonction or a parameter the disable this feature ?
Best Regards,

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster April 20, 2018

Thanks for the quick reply and detailed explanation!
Currently, the user always has the ability to drag&drop the cell filter outside of the grid.
Our development team agrees that the parameter to disable this feature would be very useful for read-only mode configuration. We will add such parameter as a minor update to our component which will be released on May the 7th.
Please inform me if you have further questions.

Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster May 8, 2018

Hello Jaffrezic,
We are glad to inform you that the new version of the component has already been released. Now, the component has a special property: options.grid.dragging. It allows disabling the hierarchies dragging. Please find more information in our docs: https://www.flexmonster.com/api/options-object/#dragging.

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