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How to fix the UI issue will Y-axis label overlapping with the values

Olga Gonzalez asked on January 15, 2017

It seems like there is a bug on the Flexmonster charts.
When you open the page with an embedded chart for the first time, the name of the Y-axis is overlapping with values for Y axis:
But if you update any of the filters on the chart ( and save the changes, or change something in the configuration panel (, the layout is updated to a correct one (elements do not overlap anymore).
How can this issue be fixed?

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Iryna Kulchytska Iryna Kulchytska Flexmonster January 17, 2017

Hi Olga,
Thank you for reporting the issue.
We were trying to reproduce it on our side with the newest 2.307 version of the component in different browsers, but we could not reproduce it.
Could you please provide us with more details on your environment where the issue is reproducible?
Please click on the grid and press Ctrl+Alt+i and let us know the version of the component you are using. Also, the OS, the browser and its version will be helpful.
Looking forward to the details from you.
Kind regards,

Olga Gonzalez January 18, 2017

Hi Iryna, 
We are using Version 2.307 (build 17/01/2017 04:04:16), Edition: CSV/JSON/SQL 
The bug reproduces on Windows in Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m
Hope this helps!

Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster January 19, 2017

Hello Olga,
Thank you for the additional information. We have double checked it again but still haven’t managed to reproduce the issue. Could you please give us more additional information? The data sample and the code example with the component initialization process are appreciated. It will help us a lot in our further investigation.
Best regards,

Olga Gonzalez January 24, 2017

Hi Dmytro,
Here is a data sample in json format: 

[{"location_1":{"type":"level","hierarchy":"Location","level":"Location 1"},"location_2":{"type":"level","hierarchy":"Location","level":"Location 2","parent":"Location 1"},"location_3":{"type":"level","hierarchy":"Location","level":"Location 3","parent":"Location 2"},"location_4":{"type":"level","hierarchy":"Location","level":"Location 4","parent":"Location 3"},"store":{"type":"level","hierarchy":"Location","level":"Store","parent":"Location 4"},"station":{"type":"level","hierarchy":"Location","level":"Station","parent":"Store"},"gross_sales":{"type":"number","caption":"Gross Sales"},"date":{"type":"date string","caption":"Date"}},{"_id":{"date":"2017-01-01"},"location_1":" ","location_2":" ","location_3":" ","location_4":" ","store":"Store 1","station":"Station 1 for Store 1","gross_sales":34607.5,"time":1483256738,"date":"2017-01-01"},{"_id":{"date":"2017-01-02"},"location_1":" ","location_2":" ","location_3":" ","location_4":" ","store":"Store 1","station":"Station 1 for Store 1","gross_sales":33194.48,"time":1483316345,"date":"2017-01-02"},{"_id":{"date":"2017-01-03"},"location_1":" ","location_2":" ","location_3":" ","location_4":" ","store":"Store 1","station":"Station 1 for Store 1","gross_sales":33460.74,"time":1483442199,"date":"2017-01-03"},{"_id":{"date":"2017-01-04"},"location_1":" ","location_2":" ","location_3":" ","location_4":" ","store":"Store 1","station":"Station 1 for Store 1","gross_sales":35854.58,"time":1483566214,"date":"2017-01-04"},{"_id":{"date":"2017-01-05"},"location_1":" ","location_2":" ","location_3":" ","location_4":" ","store":"Store 1","station":"Station 1 for Store 1","gross_sales":32340.62,"time":1483655534,"date":"2017-01-05"},{"_id":{"date":"2017-01-06"},"location_1":" ","location_2":" ","location_3":" ","location_4":" ","store":"Store 1","station":"Station 1 for Store 1","gross_sales":31065.49,"time":1483705144,"date":"2017-01-06"},{"_id":{"date":"2017-01-07"},"location_1":"OfficeMax","location_2":"Región Norte","location_3":"México","location_4":" ","store":"Tienda #36","station":"Estación 1","gross_sales":25962.32,"time":1483800370,"date":"2017-01-07"},{"_id":{"date":"2017-01-08"},"location_1":"OfficeMax","location_2":"Región Norte","location_3":"México","location_4":" ","store":"Tienda #36","station":"Estación 1","gross_sales":28014.22,"time":1483908577,"date":"2017-01-08"},{"_id":{"date":"2017-01-09"},"location_1":" ","location_2":" ","location_3":" ","location_4":" ","store":"Store 1","station":"Station 1 for Store 1","gross_sales":17203.94,"time":1483953050,"date":"2017-01-09"},{"_id":{"date":"2017-01-10"},"location_1":" ","location_2":" ","location_3":" ","location_4":" ","store":"Store 1","station":"Station 1 for Store 1","gross_sales":41.4,"time":1484010435,"date":"2017-01-10"}]


Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster January 24, 2017

Hi Olga!

Thanks for the data sample. Unfortunately, still the same chart without overlapping Probably the component has a conflict with other elements or styles on the page.


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