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How to get the existing option configuration

Manoranjan Gahana asked on April 14, 2017

2 answers

Manoranjan Gahana April 14, 2017

var report;
var pivot = $(“#pivotContainer”).flexmonster({
  toolbar: true,
  report: {
  dataSource: {
      dataSourceType: “csv”,
      filename: “”, // Need to Give the service URL path
      fieldSeparator: ‘,’,
      ignoreQuotedLineBreaks: false
slice: {
rows: [
   { uniqueName: “Destination” },
   { uniqueName: “Category” },
   { uniqueName: “Business Type” }
columns: [],
measures: [{ uniqueName: “Price”, aggregation: “sum”, format: “currency”}],
expands: { expandAll: true }
options: {
 configuratorActive: false,
  grid: {
   type: “classic”,
   showTotals: true,
   showGrandTotals: “on”,
reportcomplete: function () {
   report = pivot.getReport().options;
I am using the pivot.getReport().options,but i am not getting the actual o/p
  configuratorActive: false

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster April 14, 2017

Hello Manoranjan,
Thank you for the question. We would like to inform you that the component has the default options predefined for the component. flexmonster.getReport() method saves only those options which differ from the default ones. If you would like to save the default values as well, please use flexmonster.getReport({withDefaults: true}). You are welcome to read more details about this method in our documentation. Also, you can use flexmonster.getOptions() to get all component’s options including the default ones.

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