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How to make a calculated value from field that have been created by grouping pivot?

Hutami Septiana Raswaty asked on August 27, 2018

Could we make a calculated value from field that already we created by grouping pivot.
In this example below (Can we use field “May”, “June”, and others field to be used in calculated field. Or in formula).
We want to put others field, using additional Formula:
Productivity Growth for March 2016: ((Sales on March 2016/Sales On Feb 2016) – 1) * 100%


1 answer

Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster August 27, 2018

Hello Hutami Septina Raswasty,
Thank you for your question. Our component does not allow referring to the field’s members when writing the formula. Currently, you can only refer to some data field. Speaking of the suggested screenshot, you can refer to the “Penjualan” data field but it is not possible to refer only to some column. We recommend you trying "difference" aggregation to show the difference in productivity between the months. Also, you can try the "runningtotals" aggregation to show productivity grows during the year.
Please let us know in case of any other question.

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