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How to merge row and columns with the same values and remove useless aggregation columns

KIMYEONGSEOK asked on October 31, 2018

Question1. Can I merge rows and columns that have the same value?
Please, take a look at the attached png file to understand what I mean. 
Question2. Can I remove the unnecessary aggregation column like min and max column that I created just as in the PNG File?
Question3. Can I not use the aggregated value(calculated column) in the pivot table chart?


1 answer

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster October 31, 2018

Thank you for writing to us.
Please find our comments regarding your questions below:
Question1. This can be achieved by switching to the compact view (Options > Compact form in the Toolbar). As a result, all hierarchies will be in one column or row. Does that option meet your requirements?

Question2. Could you please provide more details on what are you trying to achieve? This would greatly help us.

Question3. If you want to show only certain measures in charts, this can be achieved by pressing opening the Field List (Fields tab in the Toolbar). In case you are interested in showing the raw data in charts, we would like to specify that pivot charts show already aggregated data. It is possible to integrate with popular charting libraries, such as Highcharts or Google Charts, and display the data the way you need. For more details, see our docs: integration with Highcharts, integration with Google Charts.

Please let me know your thoughts regarding the suggestions above. Waiting for your feedback.

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