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How to programmatically set layout form part 2

Massimo asked on January 11, 2022

Hello team,
i have a problem about this topic ->
Is there an alternative solution? Because i need to disable the switching from classic to compact layout.
Best regards,

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster January 11, 2022

Hello, Massimo,
Thank you for writing to us.
At the moment, the way Flexmonster handles not enough space for the scrollable content hasn’t changed: when there are too many expanded columns, Flexmonster switches to a more compact layout in order to fit and display the grid values.
Our team provided several suggestions on how you could prevent the default behavior in the mentioned Support Ticket.
Could you please explain in a bit more detail which problem you are currently facing?
Looking forward to your reply.
Kind regards,

Massimo January 11, 2022

Hello Vera,
the problem we’re facing at the moment is that, in some use cases, we need to use the Flexmonster Pivot to show data in time-buckets.
In such cases, the best view for our customers is the Excel-like one where hierarchy columns are fixed to the left side and time-bucket columns are displayed to the right with a scroll when necessary. This behaviour is required to be fixed, independently from the space available for the scrollable content.

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster January 13, 2022

Hello, Massimo,
Thank you for providing further details on your use case.
We understand that it is important for you to remain in classic layout. This request has been added to our customers’ wishlist. However, changing the current behavior would require significant changes in the existing grid architecture; therefore, it is unlikely to change in the near future. Still, we will keep you updated on the matter.
Previously, our team prepared a JSFiddle example of how you could prevent the switch to compact layout This example is the only implemented solution that we have at the moment, and it seems to be working well in most scenarios. Could you please let us know why the provided solution doesn’t work for you? Perhaps there is a way to adjust the workaround so that it covers all of the requirements.
Thank you, and looking forward to your answer.
Kind regards,

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