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How to set sorting in drillThrough

Ilya asked on June 4, 2019

Hello, how can I set sorting in drillThrough. Now data is unsort and I want to sort it by first column, then by second column etc. 

2 answers

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster June 4, 2019

Hello, Ilya,
Thank you for your question.
At the moment only the following options are available for configuring the drill-through feature:

1) The fields which are present in the drill-through can be chosen.
This can be done by specifying the drillThrough parameter in the slice object, for example:

"drillThrough": ["Business Type", "Country", "Price"]

2) The order of how the selected fields are displayed in the drill-through can be changed.
This can be done by dragging the needed Field to the wanted location in the drill-through pop-up window or reordering the fields in the defined drillThrough array.
Please note that sorting for the drill-through feature is not supported at the moment.
Best Regards,

Ilya June 5, 2019

I solved my issue by sorting data in advance on the server-side.

This question is now closed