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How to set the default sort of all fields

Chern Yu Zi asked on July 4, 2024


Is there a way to set the default sorting across all fields to be 'unsorted' without defining one by one for each field to be unsorted? (See: Initialinzing the Flexmonster with all rows and columns unsorted.)

I do not have access to what the column or row names will be at instantiation of the pivot table.



1 answer

Nadia Khodakivska Nadia Khodakivska Flexmonster July 8, 2024


Thank you for reaching out to us.

We recommend using the defaultHierarchySortName property of the Options Object. To set the default sorting order as "unsorted" for all the fields, you can use the following code:

report: {
   options: {
     defaultHierarchySortName: "unsorted"

You are welcome to check the following JSFiddle for reference:

Please let us know if it works for you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

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