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How to use FlexMonster components to achieve multi-level continuous roll-up and drill-down?

Peter_m_zhang asked on June 16, 2018

How to use FlexMonster components to achieve multi-level continuous roll-up and drill-down?

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Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster June 19, 2018

Hello, Peter,
Thank you for your question!
Our component is designed to support hierarchies with multiple levels. You just need to specify the hierarchical structure in your data. Have a look at the following example: After you click ‘Add data types’ button, each Country on the grid will show the ‘+State’ option for drilling down.
Hierarchical structure with levels for CSV is specified this way:

Accessories,Bike Racks,Hitch Rack - 4-Bike,7/25/2003,1,120

Category, Category:Subcategory and Category:Subcategory:Model are levels of one hierarchy. Please pay attention to D4+ prefix in this sample data source. It indicates that Date field is a date and will be displayed as a hierarchy: Year > Quarter > Month > Day. Here is the tutorial listing available data types for CSV:
Please let me know if the above information was helpful.

Peter_m_zhang June 21, 2018

FlexMonster components, in the chart mode, when clicking on a certain area of the chart, the default component pop-up shows the data window of the area diagram. Will this link be able to customize the transition to another chart display?

Iryna Kulchytska Iryna Kulchytska Flexmonster June 21, 2018

Hi Peter,
The default behavior when double-clicking on a certain area of the chart, which is drilling through, can be either enabled or disabled. It cannot be redefined right now. But this can be done for the grid using a celldoubleclick event handler. Please let me know how critical this feature is for you.
Also, could you please let me know if your company has already purchased a license of Flexmonster and if yes, what is the name of your company? This information would be helpful to us.
Kind regards,

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