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How to use “tuple” by mentioning the “unique names” instead of “idx” in “Table Sizes Object”

Dama Ankaiah asked on March 11, 2021

Hi Team,
We need to set the row header height and width. We are tiring to use the “Table Sizes Object” by specifying the row “Idx” number but we are getting issues when row position changed.

So we tried to find sample on “tuple” to use the row “unique names” but we could not found proper one.

Could you please help us with sample  to use the “tuple” with array of  “unique names” to specify height and width of rows or columns.
Below is sample and documentation which we have gone through

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Milena Pechura Milena Pechura Flexmonster March 15, 2021

Hello, Ankaiah,
Thank you for writing to us.
Please have a look at the following example:
Here are some explanations of the code: 
In the tuple, we specified the member of the hierarchy that should be resized. Since the "[Measures]" is selected for columns in the slice, we defined the tableSizes.columns.measure property correspondingly.
Also, our team would like to suggest the most convenient way to specify tableSizes: resize columns and rows in your Flexmonster instance via UI and save the report. Then, you can use this report config as a reference.
Please let us know if our solution helped.
Kind regards,

Dama Ankaiah March 21, 2021

Your suggestion worked fine for us. Thank you for your help!

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