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Iframe detected error: ON upgrading from webdatarocks to flexmonster. Webdatarocks supports iFrame.

ishan asked on October 30, 2019

I have updated my react application to use flexmonster. My application runs inside an iFrame, and i use below way to use Flexmonster:

const configuration = this.getConfiguration(this.props);
this.internalComponent = new Flexmonster(configuration);

where configuration is taken from below

getConfiguration(props: ComponentProps): Configuration {
    const {
    } = props;
    return {
      container: ReactDOM.findDOMNode(this),
      toolbar: true,
      report: {
        dataSource: {
          data: reportData
      beforetoolbarcreated: toolbar => customizeToolbar(toolbar, onCloseButton),
      licenseKey: LICENSE_KEY

Can we get support for iFrame in Flexmonster as well, or suggest me an alternate solution. 
For above snippet, i can’t embed it inside another div, as ‘this’ refers to the window/iFrame where it runs.


1 answer

Ian Sadovy Flexmonster October 30, 2019

Hello Ishan,
Thank you for the question.
Loading Flexmonster in an IFrame is not recommended. If possible, please avoid using IFrame and use <div> container and it will work properly.
With more details about that issue, our representatives will contact you via email soon.

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