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'individual' calculated values with flexmonster-data-server

Luke Palmer asked on July 5, 2022

We’d like to use flexmonster data server and have calculated values from our data.  We need to use individual:true for all calculated values as this is what end-users expect.
The documentation says that ‘individual’ only works on CSV and JSON data. Is there any way to get ‘individual’ to work with flexmonster-data-server?
If not, this is probably a blocking limitation to any use of flexmonster-data-server. Please let us know if you have a workaround. Thanks!

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Nadia Khodakivska Nadia Khodakivska Flexmonster July 6, 2022

Hello, Luke,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

You are correct that the "individual" property is only available for CSV and JSON data sources. We would like to specify the reason for such behavior.
Please note that Flexmonster Data Server is intended to process and aggregate data on the server side. Then the data is passed to the client side in an aggregated format. It significantly reduces data loading time.
For creating calculated values, the client side receives already aggregated values from the Data Server of those fields used in the formula. Using "individual": true for the calculated values requires having the raw data in the browser memory. This access is only possible for CSV and JSON data sources. Therefore, if using the "individual" property is critical for your case, we recommend using CSV and JSON.

You are welcome to write to us in case further questions arise.

Kind regards,

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