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Is Drill-Through supported for OLAP/XMLA?

Chris Speer asked on December 14, 2015

I have the FlexMonster Pivot component connected to my Mondrian server using XMLA.  When I attempt to drill through on a cell I get an error “Error!No data received from the server.”  The xmla request has an empty <Statement> element:
<Execute xmlns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-analysis”>
        <PropertyList flexmonster=”true”>
Using drill through in the online demo with a csv file seems to work.

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Roman Petrusha Roman Petrusha Flexmonster December 15, 2015

Hi Chris,

Drill through is not supported for Mondrian via XMLA. But it works fine if you use Data Speed Accelerator tool. Please download the component from our website and choose Configured for Pentaho Mondrian option. You will find step by step instructions in the package.

Does it help?


Chris Speer December 15, 2015

Thank you Roman, your answer makes sense.
I am prototyping the FlexMonster component within our Web Application and need drill-through to work.  So I have dowloaded the Proxy and installed it., However, I am currently running a Saiku Mondrian Server that is on version 4 of Mondrian.  Attempting to use the FlexMonster proxy gives me an error that my schema at version 4 is incompatible with version 3.  
Also, It seems like the flexmonster proxy is really not so much a proxy but rather a host for an embedded Mondrian server that runs within the proxy JVM.  Is this true or am I completely missing something?  What leads me to this assertion are the connection details I provide for the proxy that are for connecting to our database and not for connecting to our Mondrian Server.  I do like the proxy approach you have built and would like to use it (or possibly implement our own Python proxy matching your api), but I would need version 4 of Mondrian and preferably running in our Saiku instances.

Roman Petrusha Roman Petrusha Flexmonster December 16, 2015


Yes, you are right. The proxy tool already has embedded Mondrian. It helps when a customer doesn’t have own OLAP Server.
Now implementation based on Mondrian 3 but we will have version 4 in the minor release 2.204 (ETA January 18)

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