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Is it possible to add more than one dimension to subquery?

Bülent SARI asked on October 2, 2017

Dear Team,
We are trying to add a subquery to our report. Is it possible  to add more than one dimension to subquery?
Working example:
“dataSourceType”: “microsoft analysis services”, localeIdentifier: 1055,
“proxyUrl”: “https://xxx.xxx.xxx”,
“subquery”: “select {[TRA ORG].[UID].&[A2C13355-35D0-41E7-97E7-79B67DDC6837]} on columns from [FF]”,
“catalog”: “FF_OLAPP”,
“cube”: “FF”,
“binary”: true
We want to change the subquery as below:
“subquery”: “select {[TRA ORG].[UID].&[A2C13355-35D0-41E7-97E7-79B67DDC6837] and [PROD].[UID].&[A2C13355-35D0-41E7-97E7-79B67DDC6837]} on columns from [FF]”, 
Is it possible?
 Thanks for your support.

1 answer

Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster October 4, 2017

Thank you for writing. The query you have suggested is not correct since the members of query belong to different hierarchies. A set of members should contain the same dimensionality which is a fundamental rule of MDX, while the suggested query contains [TRA ORG] and [PROD].
Unfortunately, we are not aware of possible workarounds.

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