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Is it possible to define fields somewhere else than in JSON Data ?

De Meulemeester Julien asked on April 1, 2016

Hi, I’m testing your component to see if it could satisfy my company needs. It’s in good way but I have an issue.

My data is in the JSON format and provided by a web API. I can set the default columns, rows and measures in the report object of the pivot but is it possible to define all the fields in a same way ? I mean, the fields are generated automatically with the data or you can define the fields at the beginning of the JSON data (like the JSON demo you provide on your website). As my data is provided by a web API, I can’t add the fields configuration at the beginning.
I hope I was clear enough. Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

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Roman Petrusha Roman Petrusha Flexmonster April 3, 2016

Hi dej!
Sorry for the late response.
Unfortunately, there is no such option but we are going to improve configuration in the next version.

De Meulemeester Julien April 4, 2016

Thanks for the answer romka.
I’ll try to find a workaround.
EDIT : I found a way to do what I wanted, everything related to field configuration is stored in a json and it works perfectly.

Roman Petrusha Roman Petrusha Flexmonster April 4, 2016

Hi dej,

Thank you very much for the update. I’m glad that field configuration stored in a JSON works for you.

Kind regards,

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