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Is it possible to set olap cube translation

arnaud desbiens asked on September 29, 2017

 I recently configured my cube to accept translation for language translation. I currently have 2 different language. French and english. I was wondering if it was possible when you connect to a ms analysis service olap cube to actually get the translated fields to make it more friendly user. By default, my dimensions all start by Dim_ and my facts all start by Fact_ . But with the translation it is much more use friendly, but when i load my cube with flex, it’s not translated. Is there like a parameter to pass to an api method to set it?

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arnaud desbiens September 29, 2017

Nevermind! It was not anywhere in your doc (from what i’ve seen) but the localeIdentifier parameter in the datasource object when setting flexmonster did the trick !

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