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Issue with showing percentage symbol

Ravi asked on April 22, 2019

Hi Team,

I’m a Premium licensed user.
Aggregation percent shows percentage symbol before value(Eg: %25) in current version 2.7.3 but it shows after value(Eg: 25%) in 2.6.14 .

We are expecting to show percentage after value while using aggregation percent by default.

Please refer the following JSFiddle for further clarification.


  • At default, this sample gets referred to the ‘latest v2.7.3‘ and so you will get the above mentioned percentage symbol before value.
  • To make it work, just refer the v2.6.14 script file(flexmonster_V2.6.14.js) at last. Now, the sample works fine as we expected.

We have also attached snapshot, please get it.

2 answers

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster April 22, 2019

Hello, Ravi,
Thank you for writing to us and providing us with a JSFiddle example and screenshot demonstrating the issue.
It helped a lot to understand the problem.
You are right, in 2.7.3 aggregation percent shows the percentage symbol before the value.
This is a known issue and we are currently working on a solution.
Our team will provide a fix for this in the minor release with the ETA May 6th.
Please let us know if this works for you.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster May 8, 2019

Hello, Ravi,
We are glad to inform you that the issue with formatting percent values in charts, drill-through pop-up window, and auto calculation bar was fixed.
The fix is available on our website in the minor release 2.7.5 of Flexmonster.
You are welcome to update the component.
Please let us know how everything goes.
Best Regards,

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