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Issues limiting data visability

Douglas Reed asked on April 28, 2016


I am trying to manage security using database row level security, RLS, on the PostgreSQL 9.5 database. The login is in the HTML file as part of the flexmonster.embedPivotComponent parameters (username and password).
I have several database logins which allow access to different parts of the dataset using the RLS controls.
The model seems to time out after several iterations of data gathering. The normal full access model which bypasses RLS, and in most cases return data without a timeout.
Are there any known issues with regard to using Row Level Security and Postgresql?
At the same time I am following a separate thread with a view to using  the cube’s role based security, how can I pass in the role during the invocation process, I assume that it would, if implemented, be in the parameters (argument config) but I cannot find a meaningful list of the values in the documentation.
We are using the Mondrian model structure

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Iryna Kulchytska Iryna Kulchytska Flexmonster April 28, 2016

Hi Douglas,
Mondrian Roles support was added to Flexmonster Data Speed Accelerator in 2.210 minor release. Please see the first item in the blog post It contains the link to the documentation that explains how to configure roles in Mondrian.
We recommend you using Mondrian Roles to control access to data. We suspect that the usage of RLS on the PostgreSQL 9.5 database together with Mondrian might cause conflicts between Mondrian schema and data accessibility controlled by RLS.
Kind regards,

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