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Issues when connecting database to Flexmonster data Server

Javier Sanz Lopez asked on April 24, 2020

Good Evening.
I am currently trying to set up the Flexmonster data server to try to retrieve data for a Pivot table using for now a mock table we have in an SQL database.
When I try to execute the file “flexmonster-data-server.exe”, the error that you can see in the attached image appears so I cannot get to connect to it.
This is the slice of code I use in the configuration file:
    “DataSources”: [
            “Type”: “database”,
            “DatabaseType”: “postgresql”,
            “ConnectionString”: “;Port=5432;Uid=ipqwiwsncewoaj;Pwd=7384352041f1a0fd6e980a68f07bf42fa864f12619384e1c6466fa4b3330d641;Database=df5qo1ifjaaf8f”,
            “Indexes”: {
                “index_database”: {
                    “Query”: “SELECT * FROM allianz.DummyTable”
Thanks for everything.
Javier Sanz.


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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster April 24, 2020

Hello, Javier,
Thank you for reaching out to us and for providing details regarding the problem.
Could you please specify the type of AWS service you are using? 
It seems the issue you encounter is connected to specific access permissions to your PostgreSQL database.
More insight will greatly help us to make further progress in solving the issue. 
Waiting for your answer.
Kind regards,

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