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Licensing Issue

Scott Oliver asked on June 24, 2021

The platform we use (Claris FileMaker Pro) to develop and distribute our software, is now having an issue with Flexmonster after it’s latest update.
This issue is only apparent on Windows, which has seen a big update to their web publishing engine.
Attached is a screenshot of the message that we are receiving, when using the developer key. When using the key specific to the domain name that is being hit, we receive a similar message, stating that we aren’t connecting to that domain.
The update notes for the software package can be found here:
Is there any advice that you can provide us with?

Screen Shot.png

1 answer

Tetiana Lebiga Tetiana Lebiga Flexmonster June 24, 2021

Hi Scott,
Thanks for your request.
We have provided the answer via email.
Kind regards,

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