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Need to change thousand separator to Non-US format

Olga asked on April 10, 2018

I have formatted my data by using thousand separator as comma.
But it is showing data as  –       1,235,590 (an example)
I’m expecting data format should be –     12,35,590
Please let me know what configuration changes I need to do OR whether it is possible at all?

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Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster April 11, 2018

Hello, Olga,
Thank you for posting to our Support Forum.
Flexmonster adds separators using the international system, which means grouping digits by threes. To display numbers in a format like 12,35,590 , the grouping needs to be done in repeating pattern of 3,2,2 (from least significant digits).
Such format cannot be achieved via number formatting configurations. That’s why we suggest using customizeCell function, which allows customizing of separate cells. Please have a look at the following example on JSFiddle: Here you can see that numbers have the desired format. To understand how customizeCell works, have a look at line 21. The idea is that you get the value of each cell and add the formatting by modifying the value manually. In this particular sample, I’ve used simple regular expressions but you can replace them with more complex formatting.
For more examples of customizeCell usage please refer to our docs: customizeCell API call.
Does the above approach work for you?

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