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.NET48 server implementation of custom datasource API

Massimo asked on May 19, 2020

in a scenario that is becoming more and more frequent we are called to manage in a FlexMonster pivot a significant amount of data that can no more be handled using a JSON datasource as we used to do.
In fact, with more than 1M rows and hundreds of columns memory exceeds 4GB and browser crashes or becomes unresponsive.
For this reason I’ve focused on a server side “approach” that could reduce client memory consumption and found the custom data source API that seems very promisings.
However, I need a server implementation of these new APIs and cannot use the Flexmonster Data Server since it’s an EXE and cannot be embedded in our web applications.
Do you provide any ASP.NET nuget or dll (compatibile with .NET48) to be used out of the box for implementing the protocol?
Thank you in advance

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster May 20, 2020

Hello, Massimo,
Thank you for reaching out to us. 
First of all, we would like to confirm that the custom data source API is the recommended approach in case a large data set is being used.
It greatly improves the performance and provides full control over how the data is processed.
The Flexmonster Data Server is a ready-to-use implementation of the custom data source API, provided as an EXE.
It allows handling large data sets from different data sources, including JSON.
Recently, our team has released a DLL version of the Flexmonster Data Server, providing the ability to extend and customize base features of the Flexmonster Data Server:
However, we would like to kindly explain that the DLL version is supported for .NET Core 3.0 and later.
Our team would like to kindly explain that the EXE and DLL versions of the Flexmonster Data Server are the available ready-to-use solutions at the moment. 
Alternatively, it is possible to create your own implementation of the custom data source API. 
For more information about how this can be done, please see the following guides: 

  1. A sample implementation of the Custom Data Source API approach with Node.js.
  2. A sample implementation of the Custom Data Source API approach with .Net Core.
  3. How to implement your own implementation of the Custom Data Source API approach.

Please let us know if this would work for you. If any further questions arise, please feel free to reach out. 
Kind regards, 

Massimo May 21, 2020

Hello, thank you for your answer.
It’s all clear to me but after your explanation I’ve another question.
Since I’m asked to find a strategy for supporting these scenarios with huge data to handle but I cannot migrate all projects to .NET Core in a few time, I need to evaluate the effort of implementing the custom datasource API in .NET48 from scratch to figure out if it’s worth it or not.
So before proceeding I’ll get to the point: do you have plans for release a .NET48 DataServer dll in the short term? This would be very helpful for us while waiting to migrate to .NET Core at the end of this year.
Best regards

Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster May 25, 2020

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Our team has sent an answer through email.
Kind regard,

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