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Numbers with Leading Zeros

Paul Young asked on October 10, 2018

I have a report where one of the columns can be either text and/or numbers.   Sometimes it is all numbers with leading zeros.
It is a flat format report and I am using version of Flexmonster.
When the column is all numbers it treats it as the default number format and loses the leading zeros.
Example data is
Column_1 Column_2
ABCD       000123456789
EFGH        000987654321
The Flat report shows:
Column_1 Column_2
ABCD       123 456 789
EFGH        987 654 321
If I use the filter for Column_2 it shows the values without the spaces and with the leading zeros. 
I need the report to show the values as they are in the data (i.e. with leading zeros and without the thousand space separator).
The JSON saved via Flemonster is attached – I have changed the filelocation only.


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Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster October 11, 2018

Hello, Paul,
You can override the default number format and set the necessary values here. For more details, refer to this article:!default
By the way, a lot of useful information can be found in our docs section:

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