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open a saved report

Patrick LAMOTTE asked on September 5, 2018

I would liked to use the save / open options.
I saved a local report on to my hard drive but I have an error when I tried to open it, see attached file
And I have another question, how can I use the remote save ?


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Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster September 5, 2018

Hello, Patrick,
Thank you for writing to us.
On the screenshot attached we can see the error “Unauthorized – authentication failed of the user doesn’t have permissions for requested operation”. This is the error returned by your authentication system. The most probable reason is that this local report contains the filename parameter which is no longer valid. Please check the filename parameter in the locally saved report file. For example, the csrf_token can be expired/invalid by the time you try to open the report file.
In order to open the report correctly, we suggest to dynamically replace filename so that it contains the valid token. Then the report can be set using setReport() method.
In order to use the remote save, the same approach can be used: retrieve the report using getReport(), save it where you need. To set this report for the pivot table, retrieve it from the remote server, replace the filename parameter with the correct one and use setReport() method.
Please let me know if it helps.

Patrick LAMOTTE September 6, 2018

Thank you Tanya, it helped, you are right about the csrf_token it was the cause of the error.
About remote save, I understood but I need to find an easy way for our customers to use it
Have a nice day

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