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Pass percentage formatting from 'microsoft analysis services' into flexmonster

Craig Button asked on June 17, 2022

We have several measures which are formatted as percentages (with the potential to add many more). Is there a way to pass this information to Flexmonster so we don't have to add show as percentage to the format manually for every measure?
We are using a tabular model, if that helps.
Kind regards,
Craig Button

1 answer

Maksym Diachenko Maksym Diachenko Flexmonster June 17, 2022

Hi, Craig!

Thank you for your question.

Flexmonster has a convenient tool for using the format defined inside the SSAS data source - the useOlapFormatting property of the options object. When set as true, formats from the cube will be passed to Flexmonster.
Here is a usage example of the `useOlapFormatting` option:

Please let us know if this helps.

Best Regards,

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