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Pivot table loading time

Jack asked on June 4, 2020

Hi there,
We’re a SaaS startup and we want to offer PivotTable application as a product feature. We want to confirm if FlexMonster can enable the user experience where the pivot table can be generated like real-time right after the user changes the filter/dimension/sorting? Our data source is not local file like CSV or JSON but in our database (MySQL-based). Can you please help confirm this?

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Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster June 4, 2020

Hello, Jack,
Thank you for reaching out to us.
Flexmonster can be connected to MySQL database using an additional server-side layer – Flexmonster Data Server. It is responsible for fetching data from a data source, processing, and aggregating it. Then the data is passed to Flexmonster Pivot in a ready-to-show format.
Each action performed by the final user (filtering, sorting, changing the aggregation, adding/removing fields) will be instantly processed, leading to the table update.
You are welcome to learn more about the Flexmonster Data Server itself in our documentation.
The step-by-step guide on connecting to MySQL database can be found by the link.
Please let us know in case you need any assistance on this point.
Our team is looking forward to your feedback.

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