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Predefined JSON report with OLAP datasource

Dominik asked on September 16, 2021

I am having an issue with loading a predefined JSON report, here is what happens:
1. Defined filters and drills on the report slice object.
2. Using latest flexmonster version .js library (2.9.7)
3. Loading said report into the component.
4. For each filter defined I see a ‘flexmonster.full.js:442 Error in predefined filter or members have not been loaded yet’. Filters do work though it’s just that I get this in the console.
5. The report doesn’t drill to the second level on the first load although I have drills section defined. If I try to load the report again, then the drill works. I constructed the report object through the component, i.e. shifted rows and columns and then saved it as a json, so there isn’t room for manual error in definition.
Can you tell me how to fix this issue? I tried using the drillDownCell but I keep getting errors that I don’t know how to debug; I am sure I am inputing something wrong but I am not sure what. Expanding all and collapsing all also works, but I only want to expand the first level of the hierarchy.

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Dominik September 17, 2021

It seems the issue was I had ‘Values’ field set above the hierarchy. If I move it below the drilldown it works.

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