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Problem with version 2.7.2 integration

Rafael Bernardes asked on April 3, 2019

Dear I am responsible for integrating flexmonster on the platform. So far we are happy with the performance of the tool, our reports have a different face. These days I needed to upgrade from 2.6.3 to 2.7.2 but I have a problem, when I play the file in place of the other it gives an error that the object was not exported. I believe it is because the main file (flexmonster.js) is minified. 2.6.3 is not mined and efunciona. Could you please send 2.7.2 without being minified?
I played all files from version 2.7.2 execeto flexmonster.js in the version I use and it worked.
Attached is sending the JS archivist responsible for generating the chart. report_search.js
Sending the file on skype, to facilitate understanding, only accepts me

I’m Carlos

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster April 4, 2019

Hello, Carlos,

Thank you for writing to us.
Please note that flexmonster.js has always been minified. This applies to version 2.7.2 as well as 2.6.3.

The problems you have encountered are most likely because something went wrong during migrating to the latest version.
We kindly advise taking a look at our migrating from 2.6 to 2.7 guide.

Please send us a screenshot of the errors that occur, so we may have a better understanding of what went wrong.

We are looking forward to receiving the report samples you have mentioned. They will help us a lot in providing an effective solution to the issue.

Best Regards,

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