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Request for flexmonster.googlecharts.d.ts file

Sankaran Jayagopi asked on February 16, 2018

We are using Angular (4+) framework to integrate Google charts in your flexmonster component.  We are finding some difficulties in finding type definitions.  Can you help to provide us the flexmonster.googlecharts.d.ts file to continue further on our development.  We could not find this file anywhere.

4 answers

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster February 16, 2018

Hello, Sankaran,
Thank you for writing!
Our development team needs some time to prepare flexmonster.googlecharts.d.ts file. We will provide you with this file on February 28th.
Does it work for you?

Sankaran Jayagopi February 19, 2018

Thanks for your response.  It would be good if you could send us the file a bit earlier if possible.  This will help us to expedite the development.  Awaiting your favourable response.  Thanks in advance.

Illia Brazhko Flexmonster February 22, 2018

Hi Sankaran,
Thank you for following up. Please note that our development team needs some time to prepare the file, so we can’t send it to you earlier. We thank you for your understanding.
We will update you as soon at the earliest possibility.
Kind regards,
Flexmonster Team

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster February 28, 2018

Hello, Sankaran,
Our team is glad to inform you that all necessary type definitions for integration with Google Charts were added to flexmonster.d.ts file. Please download the updated flexmonster.d.ts from our GitHub repository and replace it inside your project. 
Now flexmonster.googlecharts.d.ts is not necessary, but please remember to include flexmonster.googlecharts.js (step 3 from Google Charts tutorial). 
We would be grateful if you shared with us how your integration process is going.

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