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Send parameters to Save function

Rafael Mello asked on November 27, 2019

Hi !
I´m tryng to save the report on my server using the “save” method. 
But my server needs a autentication key sent on the Request Header, also, i would like to send some parameters with the JSON generated by Flexmonster.
Is that possible?

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Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster November 29, 2019

Hello, Rafael,
Thank you for your question.
Our team would like to kindly recommend you the following approach:

  1. Get the report using getReport API. More information about the method can be found by the link:
  2. Create a custom save method that would provide the possibility to specify request headers and desired parameters.

The function can be executed using the same button as a default save button — more information about how to customize the Toolbar by the link:
We hope it helps.
You are welcome to contact us in case additional questions occur.
Best Regards,

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