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set date range programmatically

Michael T asked on June 4, 2021

how can we do the equivalent of setting the filter dialog date picker programmatically?
e.g. setting dates to be filtered after X date and before Y date
thank you,

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Illia Yatsyshyn Illia Yatsyshyn Flexmonster June 7, 2021

Hello, Mike,
Thank you for posting on our forum.
You can apply the desired filtering by defining the Filter Object associated with a chosen field. Use the Date Query Object to specify filtering for date fields.
Please note that you can always configure the desired aspects using UI (e.g., the mentioned filter pop-up) and save the configuration using the “Save” tab of the Toolbar. The saved JSON file can serve as a reference.
If you want to filter dynamically (after the initial report is opened), use the setFilter API call. This method accepts the hierarchy name and the mentioned `filter` object as arguments.
Here is a JSFiddle demonstrating usage of the `setFilter` method: API calls setFilter, getFilter, clearFilter – JSFiddle.
Please let us know if it works.
Feel free to contact us if other questions arise.
Best regards,

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