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Show localized value from elasticsearch?

Luke Deniston asked on February 19, 2019

Some of our elasticsearch mappings look something like this:


Is it possible to only list the “name” property in this example and show it as a top level item in the “Fields” modal? I know how to hide the “id” property, but “name” is still nested under “creator”, even though it’s the only item.
We are using the beta elasticsearch data source.

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Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster February 19, 2019

Hello Luke,
Thank you for the question.
I have created a similar index on my local server, and it seems working as expected.
If id field is hidden and name is the only visible in the creator group, name appears at the top level.
If both are visible:
If id is hidden:
Flexmonster configuration:

"dataSource": {
"mapping": {
"": { "visible": false }

Could you please share more details about your case?

Luke Deniston February 19, 2019

Looks like I was configuring things wrong. Everything is working great! Thank you, sorry for the false alarm.

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