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Slice rows not supported with active property

Ravi asked on June 28, 2019

Hi Team,
I’m a Premium licensed user.

We are in need to hide slice values based on active property which is supported with slice measures but not with slice rows.

Please refer the following JSFiddle for further clarification.

  • In JSFiddle, set “active”: false to Column2(slice rows) and Data value2(slice measures) values.
  • As a result, Data value2 is hidden but Column2 is not hidden.

Can you let us know the way to hide slice row values?


1 answer

Tanya Gryshko Tanya Gryshko Flexmonster June 28, 2019

Hello, Ravi,

Thank you for writing to us.

We would like to inform you that active property is available for measures only. That is the reason it works with measures only.
While working with rows, we kindly suggest adding and removing them from the slice. Please note that you can change the slice along with other report parts using the API call setReport(). To change only the slice use the runQuery() call.

Hope it helps.


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