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Some attributes missing in Format Cells

Tanushree asked on February 15, 2021

Hello team,
In Flex Monster 2.1 version, “Currency align” attribute was present under “Format Cells” popup.
This is missing in the new version of Flex Monster.
Can this be made available in new FM ?
Attached screenshot for reference.

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Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster February 16, 2021

Hello, Tanushree,
Thank you for your question.
We would like to kindly explain that the currency alignment feature is not missing in the latest version of Flexmonster.
In fact, the currency alignment feature was improved to support a wider range of currency alignments. As a result, it is represented by two attributes: "positiveCurrencyFormat" and "negativeCurrencyFormat".
Please see our Change number formatting using the Toolbar tutorial for guidance. 
Please let us know if this helps.
Kind regards,

Tanushree February 16, 2021

Thanks Veera for the explanation, that was useful to know!
I see another difference in old versus new FM version:
In FM 2.1, We could select ‘All Values’ in the dropdown under Format Cells and the change would be applied to all columns.
However in new FM 2.8, there is ‘Default Values’ option in the dropdown and it doesn’t apply formatting to all columns. We have to select each individual column name from the dropdown to apply the changes in all cells.
Can there be ‘All Values’ in new FM Format Cells so as to apply formatting to all columns/cells in one go?

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster February 18, 2021

Hello, Tanushree,
Thank you for your response.
We are happy to hear that you found our explanation helpful.
Regarding number formatting:
Our team would like to kindly explain that the "Default values" and the previous "All values" option’s logic is the same: it sets the default number formatting rules to all measures.
Please consider that both "Default values" and "All values" have the lowest priority: if a certain measure already has a specific number formatting rule assigned to it, "Default values" and "All values" won’t override it.
We would like to bring to your attention that in the latest version of Flexmonster, the number formatting UI pop-up has been improved: now it is also possible to select several measures and, therefore, apply number formatting to several measures in one go.
We hope this helps.
Kind regards,

Tanushree April 30, 2021

Hi Vera,
Hope you are doing well.
As per your above explanation that “Default Values” in new FM is similar to “All Values” in Old FM.
I couldn’t see this behavior.
Please find these steps for reference:
Open, Format -> Format Cells
Select, Choose value -> Default Value
Add, Currency Symbol -> £
Click, Apply
Observe that Pound symbol is not added to Measures and all the values remain unaffected.
Could you please explain why the “Default Values” intended behavior is not seen here?

Tanushree May 4, 2021

Hello Team,
Any updates on this request?
Let me know if it requires opening a separate ticket.

Vera Didenko Vera Didenko Flexmonster May 5, 2021

Hello, Tanushree,
Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the delay. 
In the provided JSFiddle, only one measure is displayed on the grid – "Price". Please note that the "Price" measure has a specific format assigned to it with the currency symbol set as "$" (see line 103 and lines 169-177). This is the reason why when the £ currency symbol is set by specifying the Default value, it doesn’t override the specific format for "Price". This is because specific format rules have a higher priority than the default formatting rule.
If we add another measure without a specific format applied to it (for example, "Quantity"), we can see that it is affected by the default formatting rule – the currency symbol is changed to £. Please see the following JSFiddle for reference:
Please let us know if this helps and if further questions arise.
Kind regards, 

Tanushree May 5, 2021

Thanks Vera for the explanation.


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