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[SSAS Accelerator] Data for dimension members with same display field value are incorrect

Lukas Navratil asked on November 11, 2019

We have an issue when we have multiple dimension members that have the same display value. In that case the displayed data are incorrect.
The dimension is defined as captured on first image. Members response (second attached image) returns two different items with description “Bud”, in the filter in Flexmonster I still can see a two items “Bud”.
But when we group by this dimension, in the grid we can see values captured on third attached image.
When I execute the query, that I take from Execute request, in SSMS, I get correct results displayed on fourth image.
I checked also the Execute response and it seems that there are two data rows returned assigned to the same item and when you display the data, “the second one wins”.
I understand that you don’t have the information which Bud it was from the MDX query you use, you will need to use the key column and not the description column.
Is there any chance to fix this? I think that partial fix would be to aggregate all data for items with the same description so that we at least see the correct summed values for all items with the same description, but ideal would be to fix it properly and display these records as two different rows as they are two different rows because they have different key value.
Kind Regards,

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Dmytro Zvazhii Dmytro Zvazhii Flexmonster November 12, 2019

Hello Lukas,
Thank you for providing us with a detailed explanation of your case.
Could you please also send us the cube with dummy data where the issue is reproducible? That would help us a lot in our further investigation.
All the sensitive information can be shared with an E-mail.
Waiting to hear from you.

Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster November 13, 2019

Hello Lukas,
Thank you for giving us some time.
We have downloaded and deployed the cube successfully and now see the issue.
Our team will investigate that further in the next sprint to find a resolution.
We will keep you updated about the results (ETA Dec 02).
Hope it works for you.

Ian Sadovy Ian Sadovy Flexmonster November 21, 2019

Hello Lukas,
Thank you for giving us some time.
We have investigated the case deeper and it seems there is no unambiguous way to fix that issue.
First of all, we have noticed the following inconsistencies when member uniqueNames duplicate:

Also, all MDX queries that we generate from Flexmonster are relying heavily on uniqueNames and seems that SSAS also requires them to be unique to work properly.
So, currently, it looks like changing the cube schema to have different uniqueNames for different Bud members (now they both have [Item].[All].[Bud]) is the only correct solution. Theoretically, they still can have the same caption Bud, so there will be no inconvenience for the end-users. 
Also, dimension property MemberNamesUnique (https://take.ms/jfNx6) can be somehow connected to this case.
Please let us know your thoughts.

Lukas Navratil December 2, 2019

Hi Ian,
Sorry for late reply and thank you for your answer. I will try to do some research if we are able to make uniqueNames unique. 

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