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Timeout on fetching data from CSV

Benjamin asked on February 5, 2021

Basically, we are fetching csv data from backend endpoint which streams data as csv. Now, query we are doing on backend is quite expensive, so sometimes it lasts 2-3 mins and it can’t load on Flexmonster component. I was wondering if there is any timeout set there or can it be increased to allow this?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

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Mykhailo Halaida Mykhailo Halaida Flexmonster February 8, 2021

Hi Benjamin,
Thank you for posting your question.
In case your query takes up a lot of time before the data streaming is even started, we’d suggest returning an empty response to the client-side before the query is executed. Be sure not to close it yet so that the streaming can start once the query results are retrieved.
In case this does not help, we’d also suggest making sure you are not trying to stream the whole query response at once – instead, consider writing it in smaller chunks so that the timeout exception is not triggered.
Please let us know if this helps.
Best regards,

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