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Can we specify toolbar height ?

Sohan asked on June 28, 2017

Can we specify toolbar height ?

3 answers

Roman Petrusha Flexmonster June 28, 2017

Hi Sohan,

To change height of the toolbar, please open flexmonster.toolbar.css and modify #fm-toolbar-wrapper style. E.g.

#fm-toolbar-wrapper {
   height: 80px;

Feel free to change toolbar according to your needs.


Sohan June 28, 2017

Roman, my bad, I should have explained more in this question, You are right we can reduce the height with above css change, but that does not reduce the components height inside that toolbar.
My question is do we have an API which will set the toolbar height and all its components inside it ? For e.g. right now its taking 80px which we want to reduce it to say 40px and all widgets inside that toolbar gets resized accordingly ?

Roman Petrusha Flexmonster June 28, 2017


Unfortunately, there is no such option.
To achieve the required effect you have to change styles and images in the flexmonster.toolbar.css.


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